9221 W Clearwater Avenue Kennewick, WA 99336   (509) 783 0128

CG Public House

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Kennewick at CG Public House!

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Valentines Day 2020 kennewick restaurant


​CG Public House is dedicated to providing one of the few human experiences
we all have in common: eating… and drinking!

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Take a closer look 

at what

CG Public House

has to offer: 

Experience the trendy, spatial, “attitude” inspired modern décor.

CG Public House offers tasty cuisine, crafted cocktails and bountiful beers!

It’s all Fresh, Uncomplicated, Deliciousness!

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The entire staff at C.G Public House is committed to keeping it Real:

Real Ingredients, Real Food, Real Hospitality.

cg public house decor
cg public house decor